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Cotton Candy Cart


The Story of Cloud Nine

After a failed business and a less than exciting career in Nursing, I was at my wits end with what I thought adulthood was, “supposed,” to be. In 2017, I spent a year in and out of the hospital and realized that the bottom was bottom.. but the top was actually really simple. As simple as choosing joy everyday. Joy was celebrating the moments that truly mattered and celebrating them to their fullest. I went back to work with the intention of saving enough money to never ever return again… and that’s exactly what I did. The day I left, I told my husband, “I feel like that movie scene when you run away as fast as you can, just to see the whole thing explode.” In 2019, I quit my job as a registered nurse to pursue Cloud Nine full time. In 2020-we all remember that year-it was the perfect moment to, make your dreams happen and to spread joy one cotton candy cloud at a time. So that’s what I did… with intention, purpose, and lots of faith! In 2021, Cloud Nine made over 400 sales, and in 2022, our current projected growth is on target to MORE THAN double this year! We have had the opportunity of working with the best in the business, including event production teams and corporate planners. Most importantly though, I have had the opportunity to love on people when they needed it the most. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing Cloud Nine to be more than cotton candy, but an experience to help you, “make your dreams happen, one cotton candy cloud at a time!”

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No matter what kind of event you’re planning, we'll bring that extra flair to make that special day one that you'll never forget! Checkout the options below to see what all Cloud Nine Cart can do for you!

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Add some extra flair to your event by booking Cloud Nine!


Shop our store & find the perfect fit for your event!

Party Balloons

From restaurants to corporate shindigs, let's work together!

"The most delicious Cotton Candy I’ve ever had!"

Linda Lewis

"She is a delight!! What she offers is so unique and fun. The kids had a blast with her at the party! Thank you for your hard work and dedication."

Angela Mauldin Gray

"Cotton candy was amazing!!! Made fresh in front of you with many tasty flavors to choose from! Cute set up, would be perfect for any occasion!"

Corissa Hill



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